Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician

Since its inception in the early 1980’s, the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT) has been providing educational courses for both technicians and doctors. When interest in thermography was at its height, the IACT’s courses were taught at accredited universities both as core curriculum and post-graduate instruction. As a board member and instructor, William Amalu, DC, DABCT presents these courses through the IACT.

At this time, we are currently offering the Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician course. Plans are underway to include courses in paraspinal thermography and programs for doctors in the interpretation of both breast and body thermography. 

The unique aspect of the independent study program entails an educational experience that takes place on your own time, at your leisure, and in a stress-free environment. Unlike simple webinars or truncated online courses, our independent study program places you in a classroom environment with other students. You will take the course hour-for-hour, but with the best seat in the house. And with any area that seems unclear, you can replay the course as many times as needed to reinforce a concept. 

With this type of course design we have also been able to simplify and improve the practical laboratory imaging portion of the course. Live courses necessitate the student observing and participating in multiple repeated positioning sessions in order to supply enough reinforcement of the concepts before leaving the class. With the use of video recording the student may now replay the practical laboratory positioning portion of the course as many times as necessary in order to retain the material. 

Course Outline

The following is a brief outline of the course. The program begins with formal classroom instruction (3 modules) and moves into the imaging laboratory management of patients along with the technical aspects of capturing quality thermographic images of the entire body. Interpretation is not covered in this program. This program includes instruction in:

  • History of Infrared Imaging  
  • Infrared Imaging Physics  
  • Anatomy and physiology  
  • Pathology overview  
  • Laboratory protocols  
  • Patient protocols 
  • Standards and Guidelines  
  • Medical infrared imaging system operations  
  • Practical image positioning  
  • Patient management in the clinical setting

Taking the Independent Study Program

Our independent study course is presented in a high-definition (HD) streaming video format. You have the option of taking the course through your computer, a big screen TV, tablet, or on-the-go via your phone. The course has been optimized in the most compatible format not only for streaming worldwide, but also for translation software use. 

The course includes a set of materials and PowerPoint notes that follow the lectures slide-for-slide with an area for you to take notes. Even though you now have the ability to take any portion of the course over as many times as you like to reinforce or clarify a concept, Dr. Amalu is still available to answer any of your questions via email, phone, or video conference. And since you have unlimited access to the course, if your office ever needs to train another technician you can have them trained and certified in very little time. You now have a permanent solution for training your office staff.


Certification is a process that includes both a written examination and practical imaging. When you have finished the course and are ready to take your exam, simply contact a notary or invigilator in your area to proctor the examination. A grade of 80% or higher is necessary in order to pass the written examination.

The practical imaging portion of your certification includes the imaging of both upper body and lower body image sets under full protocols. Each imaging series will be reviewed for corrections with the student. All of the patients undergoing imaging will also receive a full written report at no extra cost. Upon successful completion of the practical imaging and the written examination, certification will be granted through the IACT.

Course Details

Every student receives a set of notes, a textbook chapter for the course, standards and guidelines documents, research papers, FDA guidelines documents, image positioning sheets, office forms, and much more. Your testing fees, critical practical imaging review, and written reports are included at no extra cost. The fee for the independent study program is $995.00 per student. There is a discount for any additional students from the same office.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the course, please contact us for a detailed syllabus. We would also be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Office contact: 650-361-8908

Email: drwamalu@protonmail.com