At this time we are currently offering the Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician course. Plans are underway to include courses in paraspinal thermography and programs for doctors in the interpretation of both breast and body thermography. 

The independent study program may be taken at any time and at your convenience. Before enrolling in the course we recommend that you speak with Dr. Amalu first. This will help you to understand the clinical application of this lifesaving technology before moving forward. While we encourage every healthcare facility to incorporate this technology into their clinical milieu, we want you to be sure that this is the right fit for you. If you have decided to pursue thermal imaging, and would like to enroll in one of our courses, the first step is to submit an application.

The basic requirement for enrollment in our Certified Thermographic Technician course is a minimum of a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. The application process also includes your participation in agreement with the required elements.

To enroll, please download the course application here: Application Form

Please email the completed application to

If you have any questions regarding the course, or the technology in general, please contact us at the email address above or call 650-464-5597.

If your application is accepted, our staff will contact you to discuss the rest of the process in detail.