What Students and Doctors are Saying


Dr. Scott M., MD, FACOG, CTT—

“After reviewing quite a few other courses offered, Karla (my thermography technician) and I chose to attended Dr. Amalu’s certification course.  The course was simply outstanding in every aspect.  Dr. Amalu presented the basic science aspects of infrared imaging in a very down to earth and understandable manner. The practical aspects of performing and obtaining images was also covered in detail and Dr. Amalu made sure that every question was answered before the course ended.  He also reviewed the how’s and why’s of obtaining an infrared imaging system that meets medical imaging standards. The final written examination was comprehensive and fair.  Upon returning home we were required to submit pictures of our thermography lab to prove that it met the guidelines for obtaining high quality and valid images as well as performing practical imaging for submission in order to complete the certification. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Dr. Amalu seeks to train and certify technicians to obtain standardized and high-quality images. The course definitely raises the bar for thermography technician training.”


Marge B., CTT—

“I am in a unique position to comment on the quality of Dr. Amalu’s course because, while searching for the most accurate, and most complete course to become a CTT, I paid for and completed 2 inadequate courses during the past year; one on-site and one online. These courses were taught by “credentialed thermographers”. Both courses, I now realize, had major deficiencies in the information I needed to learn to take accurate images in the proper setting. Both were sparse on the details required to be a proficient technician with a certification that will hold up under scrutiny if necessary. As thermography becomes better known, what we do and say will be vital to our careers and our industry. Dr Amalu addresses all these issues in his lecture series. He even reviews the required camera specifications, taking the mystery out of the details so one can purchase the right imaging system while not overpaying.”

“This course, a 15 module lecture/demonstration series, is presented in a way that one can learn at one’s own pace, review any section as often as necessary and then take the proctored examination with confidence. Dr. Amalu is a caring, sharing individual with a long history of taking and interpreting scans as well as teaching and helping the profession of medical thermography to advance. I only regret that I did not take his course initially.”


Donna S., RNP, CTT—

“As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, it was really important to me to learn about thermography and its’ benefits for my patients. I was so delighted to find Dr. William Amalu to be my teacher and guide in this area. He is a brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable, and extremely patient!!  The course material was clear and concise and Dr. Amalu has a way of making the more difficult material easy to understand. His attention to detail and to following strict guidelines is an important part of his skill as a teacher, and was woven into every aspect of the course.  Since completing my training with him several years ago, I have always known I could call him at any time with questions or to get the latest updates. I wish all of my colleagues would get training with Dr. Amalu because of his passion for breast health and his knowledge of thermography.  I highly recommend Dr. Amalu as a teacher and mentor for anyone interested in learning about thermography and its’ importance in breast health.”


Dr. Liezl, V., MD, CTT—

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was presented very professionally and it was not only informative, but also great to see the passion that Dr. Amalu has for thermography. His wealth of knowledge on the subject is irreplaceable. The course content far outweighed my expectations on what thermography is able to do.”

“The lecture notes are great to work from and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical part of the training as well. It was an eye opener for me to see that I was graded as a TH3 in my mid-twenties; and having a family history of breast cancer, this made me more aware of my breast health and that I needed to do something to improve it. I took the course to gain knowledge to assist my patients, but I gained much more than just that.”   

“I have used thermography very successfully in my practice and have helped many women in my position on the road to recovery. It is so fantastic to be able to show a patient the “thermal fingerprint” of their breasts and see the improvements over time with subsequent examinations. I have had quite a few cases where patients had an abnormal thermogram and after follow-up testing were diagnosed with breast cancer. I am proud to say that they are all in remission as we were able to catch it so early. I encourage every medical professional to gain knowledge in this technology and incorporate thermography into their practices. It is to me a lifesaving technology.”

“Dr. Amalu is always ready to assist and answer any questions one may have. All emails sent are answered on the same day and his office staff is very helpful and punctual as well. They will always send out new developments and studies on the matter that assists us to improve not only our knowledge, but also keep our patients informed on the new developments in thermography.”

“I can honestly recommend each and every medical practitioner to take part in this course. The more of us that can offer this modality to our patients, the more lives will be saved.”


Dr. Jerry B., MD, CTT—

“I have been doing breast ultrasounds for breast cancer screening for years and have been involved in other screening techniques to discover early breast cancer. The addition of thermography will give the “icing on the cake” as part of our multiplicity module of breast screening.”  

“I want to thank you again for putting together this course in thermography. Not only were the basics well presented, but clinical clues personally enhanced my education. These are jewels in the crown of my diagnostic armamentarium. Your time, energy, and enthusiasm will be appreciated for the rest of my life and I know that you will have helped many hundreds of future patients by providing offices like ours with proper training.”


Karen K., CTT—

“I am very grateful to have found Dr. Amalu! My first year in business was very frustrating working with another interpretation service. My software had integrity issues and the interpretation reports were so poor I had to offer a full refund to a few of my patients! I was lucky to find Dr. Amalu who offered working solutions to my situation.”

“I could not believe how thorough and detailed this course was. It made me realize how poor my original training had been. Dr. Amalu’s training has helped me to have a better understanding of thermography, MIR imaging system usage, and the protocols for running a successful clinical practice. With the Independent Study Program I was able to take the course at my own pace and to sit for the certification test when I felt I was ready. I was able to save money by not having to travel across the country, although it would have been great to meet Dr. Amalu in person.”  

“Dr. Amalu has always been very professional, helpful and patient with me. I would highly recommend someone taking his training programs and utilizing his interpretation services. I look forward to many successful years of working together!”


Paula B., CTT—

“I would like to thank Dr. Amalu for putting together this valuable, professional and informative course. It was important to me that I would receive the proper training to become a Thermography Technician. I was impressed with the prompt service, the genuine caring and patience for all my questions presented to Dr. Amalu; and then even more so once I received and viewed the program. The course in itself is worth so much more than what I paid because I was able to view, study at my pace, and rewind and pause as I needed!  If I was in a class I would never have been able to do this. The information that was presented was easy to understand, very professional, and up to date, which has armed me with the knowledge and confidence that I can now share as a Thermography Technician. It is obvious to me that a lot of work, time, and effort were put into this program. I am so grateful to have found this course. Thank you Dr. Amalu!”


Ana D., CTT—

“I found the class very professional and full of very important information. It was a pleasure being part of the class. I would highly recommend this course to any person that is interested in helping other people.” 

“Thank you so much for what you do and may God continue blessing you always.” 


Stephanie, RNP, CTT—

“I was very happy to find Dr. Amalu and the course he instructs through the IACT.  I was able to take this course and learn the important science behind thermography and the procession through time of how thermography is used in the medical field. As a Nurse Practitioner I was always looking for an additional screening tool to offer my patients for their breast health. I was working in a big clinic of over 12 providers and was sending out a few patients to have a breast thermogram done. However, when I decided to open my own practice one of the first things I wanted to provide my patients was thermography mostly breast thermograms.  So I did a lot of research and found Dr. Amalu as a resource for the training to obtain certification.  I was very impressed with how Dr. Amalu has the training set up where the right amount of history and clinical information was presented and also for the hands-on image taking.  Again, I looked at other thermography sites and was able to spot a lot of hype, very few facts, and I was amazed at how little they knew about educational training. Dr. Amalu has been a great resource and any time I have a question he is right there to answer it and my patients have felt great with their outcomes with thermography.” 


John W., CTT—

“I chose Dr. Amalu’s training course after extensively researching the different imaging systems and schools available.  Dr. Amalu’s course was the most comprehensive I found. With 30+ years of experience in the field of electrical infrared thermography, it was a pleasure to go through training and actually learn something new.  Dr. Amalu is a very knowledgeable and clear instructor. I highly recommend his courses.”


Muira, S., CTT—

“I thoroughly enjoyed the IACT Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician Program taught by Dr. William Amalu. I appreciated learning the history of the discovery and development of the science of thermography along with the scientific explanations of what it is and how the imaging systems work. The technical information was presented in a clear, concise manner with examples to increase understanding.  I also appreciated being able to view, discuss and have explained many previously taken thermographic images.  Dr. Amalu comes across as a sincerely caring person who is very knowledgeable about the science of thermography and passionate about it being done correctly and the images interpreted accurately for the benefit of the patient.”

“I highly recommend this course to everyone who is interested in learning about thermography and /or becoming a Thermography Technician.” 


Dr. Erin V., DC, CCCN, CCTT, CTT—

“I had heard about Dr. Amalu and the amazing work he does with thermography for quite a while before I decided to contact him about adding thermography to my office.   I contacted multiple organizations and individuals considered experts in thermography.   Dr. Amalu gave me precise and sound advice about opening an office, equipment, and procedures.  He also provided current research to help me make my decisions.”

“I decided to pursue opening my own office for thermography after talking to Dr. Amalu and hearing the passion he exudes for women’s health and risk screening.  I was inspired by his knowledge, fervor, and commitment to thermography and empowerment of women!   Because I had interviewed many other doctors involved in thermography, I knew I wanted to work with and learn from Dr. Amalu once I opened my practice.

“My staff and I have been trained by Dr. Amalu about thermographic procedures, guidelines, patient communication, and potential.   The information was invaluable and candid.  I have attended extensive continuing education and I teach continuing education for professionals, I would recommend Dr. Amalu’s training to anyone remotely interested in understanding or applying thermography.  Due to Dr. Amalu’s extensive experience and drive to always provide the best service for women, the training was unparalleled.  Even after our training, Dr. Amalu and his staff continue to be an endless source of information and support.”


Sheryl H., CTT—

“I have spent twenty plus years as a Microsoft Certified Network Consultant and during that time had the great privilege to work with two of the top Power Quality Engineers in the commercial arena here in the United States. One of those gentlemen decided to open a Medical Thermography clinic years ago and later shared powerful stories depicting how the current generation of Infrared detector technology was helping to save lives when used as an adjunctive diagnostic tool for breast cancer screening. As a lifelong health junkie, I was hooked when I looked at some of those images.”

“When I made the decision to become certified to do Digital Infrared Imaging in the medical arena, I researched my options for training and certification and then went back to my friend and asked for his recommendation. He enthusiastically endorsed Dr. William Amalu and I.A.C.T.. I followed those recommendations and have never regretted for a moment that decision. Dr. Amalu has a passion for maintaining standards and protocols that elevate the efficacy of this technology.  He has been supportive, passionate, and always willing to share his extensive knowledge and experience in support of my training and practice.”  

“Medical Imaging is not a “business” for me, but a personal passion. I challenge each and every one of you to step into your own power, educate yourself, and make good decisions. I highly endorse Medical Thermography and would recommend no better path for certification and support than the integrity and passion offered by Dr. William Amalu.”


Lisa W., CTT—

“I took and completed my certification through the IACT Certified Technician Course taught by Dr. William Amalu. After taking the course, I feel that everyone that is doing any clinical thermographic imaging should be required to take and complete this program.  I feel that it is our responsibility to maintain the highest quality, not only in our skills and techniques, but to maintain and follow strict guidelines for our facility as recommended by the IACT and Dr. William Amalu.  By maintaining a consistent environment for our clients and consistent imaging we can assure our clients consistent results in their imaging.  It is through that training and through Dr. William Amalu’s continued support that has allowed us to grow as a facility providing a service that we know has the potential to save lives.  I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to have been train by Dr. William Amalu and to be part of an organization such as IACT.” 


Judy M., BS, CTT—

“Dr. Amalu “owns” the concepts of thermography combined with an acute knowedge of today’s exciting new technologies in digital imaging. He is also always available to speak with me and our patients. He shares all his research along with materials that give you everything you need to start your thermography center. I am always amazed how generous he is with his time.”

“Dr. Amalu has worked with me for many years providing our office with thermography interpretation services. This relationship has enabled me to build a vital and growing thermography business in my area with many happy and satisfied patients.”

“I have a B.S. degree in medical imaging technology.  I have worked in over 15 hospitals and clinics as a mammographer and MRI technologist around the U.S.  I am a breast cancer survivor and in my search to improve the earlier detection of breast cancer I found Dr. Amalu, this course, and ultimately thermography.”


Megan J., CTT—

“I attended Dr. Amalu’s Thermography Technician training and found the course to be VERY detailed and thorough. Thermography was a whole new ball field for me. I was so nervous about learning a new job field. Dr. Amalu made sure we all knew how important Thermography is and how it has saved many lives. At the end of the course, I was very eager to get back and start taking images. I am still to this day learning, but I have the best teacher leading me through all the questions and concerns I still have. I am so glad I took this course. I feel like such an asset to our clinic because we can offer Thermography and help to save many more lives in the future. I would recommend anyone that is interested in Thermography not only to definitely take this course, but to take it with Dr. Amalu. He has and continues to teach me so much about Thermography. Thank You!”


Dr. Michelle H., DC, CTT—

“I can’t tell you how much I value Dr. Amalu for what he is doing for all of us technicians and for every man and woman who is imaged.” 

“After taking images for almost ten years now, I can’t stress enough the importance of quality instruction, certification, and using a qualified center for thermographic imaging.” 

“All of the protocols that we diligently follow are vital to getting accurate, quality images. I’m so glad that you put forth the effort that you do to ensure the continuance of this vital service.”


Noushin I., MS, CTT—

“The course was filled with information pertinent to what I needed to learn about Thermography, the science behind all this, and the technology being utilized to bring this adjunctive lifesaving service in our community for early detection and prevention of breast cancer as well as numerous other health conditions. The classroom instruction followed by the hands on laboratory was an awesome way to learn. The classroom learning had the necessary intensity followed by the comprehensive practical portion that I could work on perfecting my imaging techniques at my own pace. This course was one of my best learning experiences!”

“Dr. Amalu is one of the most amazing instructors I have had in my 27 year professional career. He taught the class in a way that was easy to understand a very large amount of fairly complex science, technology and information as well as how to put it into practice. He also continued to bring his teachings along the way as I put my classroom learning into practice throughout my certification studies and exam. Yet his instructions didn’t stop there! He continued as a coach and mentor as I was imaging my clients and provided specific instructions and guidance on how to enhance the quality and sensitivity of the images that I was taking to meet and exceed the highest standards in thermography. He also brings a vast knowledge of health related research and technology in this area as well as how to handle some of the nuances and controversies that are out there. He is one of the most professional and pleasant people I have worked with. I am very grateful for everything he does to make thermography known and utilized by more and more people every day.”  


Rhonda L., CTT—

“This course was incredible and I learned so much more than what I was expecting.  I enjoyed everything about the class.  Dr. William Amalu taught the class with such passion.  He truly is an amazing teacher!  He continues to educate me through all his research.  I never thought that taking a class about thermography could change my own life, but it has definitely made an impact on me!”


Teri S., CTT—

“Working as an oncology esthetician, my passion has always been geared towards helping those going through their own individual journey brought on by cancer. Being able to help by becoming a thermography technician has shed a whole new light onto my career path. My skill sets from Dr. Amalu’s course have allowed me to help others on the preventative path to wellness and health.  This amazing technology not only allows you to track your breast health, but has also been a tool to help save lives here at our office. I highly recommend investing in this amazing course; you will leave with a true mission to help others with the ongoing support of Dr. Amalu. He is a very caring and genuine person with a strong quest to help save lives – I’m sure you will feel the same!”


Tina J., CTT—

“Once I had decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a thermography technician, I started researching training facilities.  Through this process I decided on Dr. Amalu’s course.  My entire experience has been great.  From the first time I talked with Dr. Amalu, through the training course, submitting my images for certification and now being certified, Dr. Amalu and his staff have been wonderful to work with.  Dr. Amalu’s commitment to high standards, compassion and constructive help only confirms that I made the best choice!”


Dr. Aileen S., DC, CTT—

“In 1999 I attended a conference on alternative medicine. At the conference I learned about thermography. I began to investigate the process and the doctors who provided thermography and thermography interpretations.” 

“My journey took almost a year of interviewing other doctors who offered thermography in their office. I also interviewed the doctors who provided the interpretations for the thermography. After much consideration I chose Dr. William Amalu. I spoke with him at great length. His knowledge not only of thermography but of the technology in general was beyond anyone in the industry. His background and enthusiasm for what he was doing in the healthcare field was more comprehensive than anyone. He offers the best course to learn how to provide thermography in your office. His interpretation service is professional, timely and with integrity. I have referred many doctors to him over the years because of my satisfaction with his services.” 

“I feel so fortunate to provide such a needed service in my community. I can only encourage other doctors to look into providing this valuable service to their patients. The course Dr. Amalu provides not only arms the doctor with the credentials to provide this service, but the skills and techniques for patient images. He also provided our office with everything we needed to get started and communicate effectively with the patients and doctors in our community. He is the most reliable and honest doctor you will meet.” 


Andrea W., CTT—

“Dr. William Amalu is one of the most dedicated and committed physicians I have ever met, with a genuine concern and devotion to help bring thermography to every individual. I first learned about Dr. Amalu when I was researching the possibility of becoming a thermographic technician. My husband had recently passed away from melanoma, and I had spent a lot of time in different cancer hospitals. After this experience I knew that there had to be a better way to possibly detect and therefore be able to treat different diseases as early as possible. I called other thermographic teaching facilities and quickly learned that while most places were more concerned with how soon I could sign up for their course, Dr. Amalu’s office was immediately different. Dr. Amalu personally spoke to me, asked if I truly understood what thermography was, and answered the myriad of questions that I had regarding it, but more importantly, asked if I truly understood why it was important to have such a wonderful adjunctive screening tool. After speaking with Dr. Amalu, what became very clear was that it was not about the money, it was only about the potentially life saving process. My decision was made right then and there. If Dr. Amalu would allow me the opportunity to learn from him, I knew that I would be learning from the best.” 

“The course was everything I could have asked for, and more! At first, I thought I would be completely overwhelmed since I hadn’t been in school for over 30 years, but Dr. Amalu is as devoted a teacher as he is a physician. He was patient, while at the same time, made the technical information easy to understand. I left the course feeling elated and could not wait to finish my studying, take my test, practice my scanning and get my certification. I am so proud to be able to bring this wonderful technology to as many people as I can, and am also very proud to say that I have Dr. Amalu reading my scanned images. I feel a complete sense of comfort knowing that I have, not only one of the world’s best physicians reading my scans, but also one of the nicest and most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you Dr. Amalu for everything, the world is a much better place because you are in it!”


Chris H., CTT—

“The IACT technician course is a concise and informative class which delivers a great deal of information in a short amount of time. The instructor, Dr. William Amalu, teaches with humor and respect for all participants regardless of background. Questions are welcomed and are addressed with ease until students have a clear understanding. Knowing that Dr. Amalu continues to be available to answer questions following the course is invaluable and allows students to achieve a greater level of confidence with the technology at a much swifter pace. I highly recommend Dr. Amalu and this course to anyone considering becoming involved with medical infrared technology.” 


Chris M. and Ana A.—

“It all began with an intention and a desire to help people stay healthy.  And it was Dr. William Amalu that shared with us the knowledge to make that intention a reality.”

“Like many early-stage medical technology applications, thermographic imaging is not any different. There are minefields of inaccurate medical information, dangerously misused applications of the technology, and unconscionable “others” that offer thermographic imaging without an adequate education, proper equipment, or the critical support of an experienced image reading specialist. Thermography can save lives only when correctly utilized and the administering technicians are correctly educated in precise use of this technology.”

“Dr. Amalu, a passionate healer by his very nature, has been and continues to be one of the flag bearers for thermography. Advocating its safe and efficacious attributes, Dr. Amalu, after twenty plus years of direct research and client interaction, is determined to properly educate the public and medical professionals with the benefits of medical thermographic imaging. His lifelong commitment is directly translated into the many details of his thermography training.  He empowers his students with the scientific data that prepares them to become advocates for the technology as skilled technicians.”

“Dr. Amalu’s curriculum for thermographic imaging technician training is comprehensive and easy to understand.  He puts himself in the patient’s shoes and enthusiastically shares all his knowledge with you such that you are taught the details and most efficient way to comfortably complete an imaging session and answer your patient’s questions. With this training you can become an imaging technician and an educator.”

“The content of the training is a carefully assembled compilation of Dr.Amalu’s twenty plus years as a clinician, researcher, and active thermographic imaging practitioner.  The extensive written material is supplemented with all the digital tools and forms you will need to be the very best technician you can be. The training also has a significant laboratory component that gives you the opportunity to practice your imaging skills. And Dr. Amalu is always available for questions at any time. You are assured of an effective learning experience during and after the training with Dr. Amalu.”

“If you are seeking a comprehensive training experience, come learn from a health care professional that has helped “write the books” with his ongoing research and that has personally developed many aspects of today’s thermographic imaging technology.” 

“Your training with Dr. Amalu is the most valuable part of providing thermographic imaging. The integrity and content of this course is unmatched.”


Cindy S., CTT—

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Amalu since 2009.  After much prayer and research, I was grateful to have found Dr. Amalu through the IACT. The training was thorough and his feedback is always kind and constructive. As the interpreting thermologist I use, he continues to be a tremendous resource for my clinic and I know I can always count on a prompt response if there are any questions.”  

“Most of all, I admire Dr. Amalu’s passion and conviction for protecting women’s health.  In the time that I have worked with him, it is evident that he is the trailblazer in making thermography a household term in our quest to save as many women as possible.”


Diana S., CTT—

“The course was really excellent. Dr. Amalu has a truly deep understanding and the experience to teach this course.  This class explained quite a few of the why certain things are done.”

“Having a thermal camera will not make one a thermographer – you have to fully understand the subject and the technique. This course has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of thermal scanning that I need to be a clinical thermographic technician. Well covered, easy to understand and a great instructor.”


Laura, T., CTT—

“A key part of being truly successful in offering thermography services to patients is being properly trained not only on how to use the equipment in a laboratory environment, but also in how to work with patients during the imaging session. Each step of the thermography process is explained in detail during the course, the physiological aspects of imaging are discussed and ample time is given to taking images while getting feedback from the instructor. Making the process comfortable for each individual, as well as having the technical expertise to explain why thermography is so advantageous is paramount in Dr. Amalu’s educational courses. Thank you, Dr. Amalu, for providing this program.” 


Marta B., CTT—

“It has been a great honor and privilege working with Dr. William Amalu for the past 5 years. After taking his comprehensive technician training on thermography, we have worked closely together ever since.”

“Personalized training, extensive manual, together with his broad knowledge of the medical science and technology behind thermography make his courses and interpretation service the highest quality, and is trusted by physicians and patients alike.”

“Thank you Dr. Amalu for your commitment, individualized attention, unwavering support, dedication and excellent service!”


Michal U.  (Poland)—

“The most needed values in providing MIR imaging are care for the patient, professionalism, communication, knowledge, support, and responsibility. After taking this course I can say that every one of these values was conveyed. Every aspect and question that I was concerned about was clarified in a professional way. It was very evident that all of the information, materials, reports, and examples are based on Dr. Amalu’s years of experience. As a professional I feel that we have a responsibility to the patients and their health. With good support and quality training like this, my task has become much easier.”


Dr. Natalie, Y., DC, CTT—

“As a busy doctor of chiropractic, the IACT course was extremely convenient and I was able to complete the lecture hours, required sets of images, and final test in a time frame that worked with my schedule.  Dr. Amalu’s knowledge and experience made the understanding of thermology concepts and technology easy to understand.  With the practical experience Dr. Amalu provided during the course, the transition of thermography in an established clinical setting was made very easy.  Dr. Amalu is always available when I have questions and responds back in a very timely manner.  His interpretations are made easy to understand for patients and his recommendations are individualized according to the patient’s needs.”   

“With a new understanding of thermography, and its importance as an adjunctive tool used in a women’s breast screening routine, a door has been opened to our community and we are proud to offer Dr. Amalu’s interpretation service as a part of the process.  I would highly recommend Dr. Amalu’s IACT course to any doctor or technician interested in providing thermography services.”  


Dr. Valerie Q., DC, BCCT—

“As a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer, I have realized the absolute necessity to have access to quality thermographic educational programs, support, and resources.  I’ve been working with Dr. William Amalu for over 26 years, and without his amazing support and attention to detail I would be lost! He has kept me up to date with all of the latest worldwide thermography research and guidelines.”  

”The Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician Program, taught by Dr. Amalu, exceeds all known course standards in the field.  This program has given me the clinical skills, knowledge and confidence to provide my patients with comprehensive quality images.  Patients appreciate well trained qualified thermographic technicians.  Dr. Amalu has produced such providers with his clinical training programs and continuing education courses.”


Shelley L., BS, CTT—

“Helping women understand the importance of making their breast health a priority led me to thermography and Dr. Amalu. After eight years of providing thermography, the education and guidance Dr. Amalu provides continues to exceed my expectations. It goes far beyond the classroom setting. His course was informative and stressed the importance of adherence to specific standards and guidelines. His generosity is expressed in his willingness to answer even the most sensitive questions without any reservation. Tapping into his knowledge is an education in itself and I am grateful for all Dr. Amalu has done to help me become a better technician. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in keeping thermography on the professional level it deserves.” 


Sonny J., CTT—

“The level of training, guidance and support that Dr. Amalu and IACT provide is simply outstanding. His commitment to promoting the proper use of thermography shows that he is passionate as well as highly skilled and knowledgeable in this area. It is because of Dr. Amalu’s dedication and professionalism that I have been able to establish and maintain a successful Medical Thermography Imaging Center. Over the years, Dr. Amalu has been one of the biggest defenders of this technology, not by making unfounded claims or by fighting the critics, but rather by keeping true to the real benefits and proper uses of this amazing technology.” 

“All graduates are guaranteed to be well-trained after taking this course from Dr. Amalu. His patience is remarkable and will always return your calls or emails with the proper information and guidance so that you can establish and operate a successful imaging center to better serve your patients.”

“When it comes to Medical Thermography, there is no better person or organization to be affiliated with.”


Agnes J., CTT—

“My mission was to introduce medical thermography in my country. I investigated two different organizations with great disappointment. The disappointment was great.”

“The world of medical thermography here in Europe very small. So when I spoke a dear friend she mentioned Dr. Amalu. This was the third time that I heard this name, and a sign to contact him.”

“What a breath of fresh air! Finally someone who speaks out of passion, who spontaneously answers all my many questions, and to take time during a telephone conversation. A doctor who honestly handles the thermographic research and writing a follow-up study only when this is needed.”

“My quest after 1 1/2 years is closed. I have my certificate as thermographic technician. I am grateful that I was introduce to Dr. Amalu. His patience, expertise and support went far beyond my expectations.”

“I would like to thank Dr. Amalu and his team for their friendly, patient and professional support.”


Carol F., CTT—

“In searching for a course to become certified in the field of Clinical Thermography I quickly discovered that Dr. William Amalu is the leader in every aspect of this field (research, training and advocacy).  After talking to Dr. Amalu, I found him exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to speak with, and I knew that his training course would be outstanding. I knew that I had found the right group to align myself and my business with. The course that I took was excellent and once I completed my studies I felt that I had received all of the information that I needed to start my new career as a thermographic technician and the support that was provided to me personally by Dr. Amalu exceeded my expectations. Dr. Amalu’s training was not only thorough, but filled with his mastery of the field of Clinical Thermography, which can only be gained by years of experience.” 


Harold, S. CTT—

“I had no prior experience with thermography before taking the course from Dr.  Amalu.  His explanations and directions were very understandable and thorough.  I loved that I was able to go back and watch any part of the lecture as often as I wanted to better comprehend the subject material that was being covered. Also, I was surprised and grateful how easy it was to pick up the phone or email Dr. Amalu and get a quick and thorough response.  He is extremely patient and makes sure you understand what you are learning.  I also appreciated the imaging technique video portion, as well as what to look for with imaging.  With his course I was able to understand and get proficient and comfortable with the entire process!  Thank you.”


Mahnaz E., PhD.—

“It was an excellent opportunity to participate in Dr. Amalu’s clinical thermography training course. I enjoyed his thorough, detailed, and specific presentation. The material was set in a clear and concise manner. He is one of the most devoted persons in clinical thermography. His training maintains at all times that technicians follow research guided standards and protocols in order to obtain high quality images. I am looking forward to incorporate his experience and knowledge into the clinical thermography area of my future research. I strongly recommend this training course for anyone who is interested in practicing clinical thermography and its benefits, especially with regard to women’s breast health.”


Dr. Matthew K., PhD, DOM, CTT—

“The distance-learning Certified Thermography Technician course provides a solid foundation and is a thoroughly inspiring educational experience. Not only does it present the technical aspects of thermography in a clear and concise manner, but it also addresses a multitude of practice management issues – so as to facilitate building an imaging practice that serves the client and the community with the highest level of integrity.”

“The course instructor, Dr. William Amalu, draws from a wealth of experience in the field and exhibits a genuine passion for helping others through the technology. If you are seeking insight into how to best service your clients though thermography, this course is for you.”


Rebecca R. CTT—

“I highly recommend the thermography training course offered by Dr. William Amalu “Dr. Bill”. The course is very well done, informative, and user friendly. Dr. Bill has a passion to save women’s lives by giving them additional information through thermography. Dr. Bill’s patience while you learn is unmatched! I was at a point in my career where I was ready to “throw in the towel”, because the training I had previously left me frustrated and technically challenged. I am very thankful to have found Dr. Amalu and I look forward to working with him and his staff.”


Dr. Susan S., D.C.—

“Recently, our university acquired a medical infrared imaging system for research in our department. We were referred to Dr. William Amalu, DC, DABCT for training and certification. Dr. Amalu has created a course that is not only reasonably priced, but most importantly very well done and available via self-study. The written materials and program presentations are excellent, very easy to follow, and precise. With the self-study option, review of content and progress through the course materials are completely flexible and adjustable to the learners needs. His program also affords interpretative services. My exchanges with Dr. Amalu have also been addressed promptly and graciously. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to expand their diagnostic and preventive services capacity towards optimal health decision-making.” 


Vanessa, S., CTT—

“The IACT technician course was a great experience. The independent study program was a wealth of knowledge. I was able to watch my class lessons when it was convenient for me. I love how dedicated and passionate Dr. Amalu is about correct image protocols and following proper standards and guidelines. I looked into other schools before I decided to go with Dr. Amalu’s course. They all seemed like they just wanted to make money. I know with confidence that my training is well above the standard. Dr Amalu is a wonderful mentor; he always makes himself available to answer any and all questions. This has been a great experience.”