Along with providing post-graduate instruction for the IACT, we also provide imaging interpretation services. Just like a radiologist who reads x-rays for outside offices and imaging centers, our group of dedicated professional thermologists provide medical infrared image interpretation for offices and imaging centers worldwide. And as a member of the standards and guidelines committee of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology, Dr. Amalu is one of the authors of the international peer-reviewed guidelines for clinical thermal imaging standards and thermogram interpretation. Dr. Amalu is also a recognized researcher and contributing textbook author on the clinical uses of thermography (see below). Our imaging center brings over 25 years of thermal imaging laboratory experience to our interpretation services. Dr. Amalu combines his experience, training, and background in engineering to offer the state-of-the-art in computerized image analysis and reporting.

As an active patient-care center, we also understand the needs of a healthcare office offering this imaging technology. It is one thing to provide the proper technical aspects of image acquisition, but quite another when it comes to presenting the results to a patient. As a clinician who understands these needs, Dr. Amalu put together a team of 20 women of all ages to assist him in creating reports that would “speak” to the patient. The resulting reports are one of the unique aspects of his services. Each office that uses our reporting also receives something very special. We have been told that this is exactly what every office needs to not only provide for themselves, but that of the community they serve.

Working for decades with offices worldwide has resulted in a service that is unlike any other. Each breast thermogram report comes with an information guide that explains in detail every aspect of the patient’s report. And in the event that the patient needs to speak with the interpreting thermologist, they are always available to answer all their questions

If you are interested in our interpretation and reporting service, please feel free to contact us. Dr. Amalu would be glad to speak with you. We would also be glad to provide you with sample reports and a packet of information that explains in detail why our services are different. 

Please keep in mind that our interpretation service does not accept every office or imaging center that inquires about our reporting. Due to the problems we are seeing in thermal imaging education, our office will only accept thermal imaging training and certification from one of four associations. If your office or imaging center does not have technicians trained and certified from one of these four associations, we will not be able to provide you with interpretation and reporting services. 

For more information about our group of professional independent thermologists please feel free to go to

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